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Update: Teen Art and Music Labs are unavailable at this time

Teen Labs
ages 13-17

Option 1:

Teen Music Lab 9am-12noon

Lunch 12-1pm

Teen Art Studio Lab 1-4pm

Option 2:

Teen Art Skills Lab 9am-12noon

Lunch 12-1pm

Teen Art Studio Lab 1-4pm

Teen Art Studio Lab


SWAC Art Labs give teens a chance to think, act and create like artists...because they are artists! Young artists will work alongside artist mentors. Cindy Walker, a Redlands artist and art teacher, will guide the kids to set goals, plan their artwork, and use art materials to create art that is meaningful to them. The students lead all decisions and projects as they work in an authentic studio setting. 


Each week ends with a mini-exhibit to showcase the amazing work they have done.  

Artist Painting a Mural

Teen Music Lab

Students with or without a musical background will love this unique music program! Our rockstar facilitator, George Martin, has over 20 years of experience teaching music and percussion.  He uses creative techniques to teach and reach all ages, regardless of skill level. Students will explore traditional percussion instruments (aka drums) as well as Bucket Drumming,

Teens will feel the music in this active and exciting music program and they will share it with you at a mini-performance every Friday!

Percussion Set

Teen Art Skills Lab

SWAC Art Skills Labs offer students an opportunity to learn and explore new art skills.  Each week we focus on a different art technique (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking and Collage).  Students will be given guidance and direction through a series of projects that will build their skills and their confidence as artists.

At the end of each week, students will participate in a mini exhibit to share their work with their families!

Human Sketch

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